@MadeInTally House Rules:

Self Regulation – please help us ensure the safety, cleanliness, and happiness of the space. Don’t do anything that compromises the security of the space, like propping open a door, giving someone your key or letting someone in the space unless they are a member or an accompanied guest.

You are responsible for cleaning up any areas and dishes you or your guests use 

(on a daily, not weekly or monthly basis).

 If you have a problem with a member’s behavior, please approach them directly, but know that speaking to Jonah or Autumn is always an option.

Other good co-working habits:

If I’m wearing my headphones, I need to work without interruption – please do not disturb me.

If you’re having a meeting with three or more people, please use the conference room.

Receptionist available Mon.- Fri. 830- 5. Any time "after hours" you are responsible for opening the door for your guests or after hours receptionist available for an additional fee.