5 Reasons to use Coworking Spaces

So, you’re an entrepreneur with a world-class idea, and you work from home. Does anyone else see the problem with that? While working from can be effective, working in an environment with people like you will prove to be more productive.

Here’s why:

 Sweet Set Up

Coworking spaces are designed to have an open layout and awesome furniture—well, ours definitely is. We are also an intensely mac-friendly office, and pride ourselves on being paperless in support of the green effort. 

 Continuous Connections

In coworking spaces you are constantly meeting new people—whether they are in the same space as you, or the working on something completely different, the networking opportunities are endless. 

Open and Friendly Environment

There will always be someone by the Kureig, or wanting to grab some food.  The environment also offers the collaborative feel and gives the team sense for those working on ideas that are harder to articulate into words.


Increased Productivity

Sure, you can get stuff done while working at your local café, but you’ll also have to fight over outlets and buy a ridiculous amount of coffee to keep the baristas happy. Not to mention the noise level you may have to endure. A coworking space is great for getting work done in a timely manner; and you can leave your materials at the desk and pick up where you left off the next day.


Professional Meeting Space

Have a pitch that you need to land? You can’t do that out of your living room. Reserve the conference room and give the pitch of your lifetime in our state-of-the-art space and conference rooms. Impress your audience, and be proud of the place you’re inviting them to.