Have you found yourself wishing there were more affordable decorating options for the mundane walls of your dorm or bedroom? Josh Hagler has the perfect answer for you—RoomScapeU. Bringing plenty options for cheap decorations, Josh hopes that his site will be the Amazon of the college student decor shopping. The idea is that RoomScapeU will provide more than just the typical Walmart or Target selections, rather you can order from a plethora of wall decorations, desk accessories, and more. It will start locally, and then hopefully expand to different college campuses and then venture nation wide. The benefits of RoomScapeU run deeper than just some snazzy digs; Josh will be working to donate to the Kids 1st Fund or , as well . It gets better.  Josh is trying to pair with artists at FSU to help them sell their original work. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is—especially if you are in to the unique factor that an original piece of art would bring to your living room. It’s really great to see college students with ambition and determination to see it through.  He will offer any advice or help through an interactive/informative page on his website. We can’t wait for RoomScapeU to launch and to watch it prosper.