Based and founded right out of Tallahassee, PeerlySocial, hopes to take the social media world by storm.PeerlySocial is just like any other social media network in the sense of content sharing and conversing with your peers—only, more intimate. On PeerlySocial, you will have smaller social circles, much like hanging out at a cocktail party. That’s the environment that was intended when it was created. This modified sharing method enables users to share content with relevance and meaning. Security is a major feature of PeerlySocial.

Unlike other social media platforms, PeerlySocial absolutely will not sell the users information for ad sales i.e. the sponsored posts you see on the side of your newsfeed. PeerlySocial will be subscription based, and will cost only about $1-3 per month. Here’s the kicker, a portion of all the subscription proceeds will be donated to a charity here, in Tallahassee. The subscription fee is a way to opt out of pesky advertisements that clutter your newsfeed and invade your timeline. The site is planned to launch in late August or early September, and will be on a college campus near you!