Grasslands Brewery

It all started back in 2008 when Gabe Grass decided he wanted to try and make a beer that he wanted—exactly like he wanted. Like many, his first attempts weren’t completely drinkable, to say the least; however, a brewing kit he got for his birthday may have changed everything. Gabe started brewing more frequently, mixing different strains of yeast, and adding different malts and hops, and in due time, he had several products that were worth sharing—which is exactly what he plans on doing. Hopefully within a year, GrassLands Brewing Company will have the perfect location for production and an onsite taproom! He will offer tours of the brewery and tastings. For those of you who enjoy some grub while you’re sipping on some craft beers, he hopes to be able to invite Food Trucks to his location! When he opens up shop, he will produce and distribute 4 or 5 styles available year-round, plus experimental beers that will only be available onsite at the taproom. GrassLands’ flagship will be an Amber Rye, which offers sweet, spicy, and hoppy flavors all in one. Gabe hopes to be able to distribute his brews to both Tallahassee and surrounding markets, then to the state of Florida, and nationally. As a member of the North Florida Brewers League, Gabe continues to be inspired by fellow homebrewers and is constantly perfecting and replicating his recipes to get the unique taste he wants. Tallahassee is definitely a successful market for a craft beer brewery like GrassLands and it will be exciting to watch it grow and prosper!