Morning Cup of Internet

Created by Danny Culkin, with the assistance of Matt Smiley and Adrianna Juran,  Morning Cup of Internet is exactly what it sounds like: A daily dose of some of the best Internet humor out there. They run a free subscription based email newsletter that sends out a daily message containing the most worthy memes and latest Internet sensations. You can expect to receive themed emails, and even “facts of the day.” As a small Tally startup, they are still working on getting off the ground, but I have confidence that once they find their footing, they will be well on their way. They will be celebrating their 2-year anniversary this Saturday, May 25th. If you’re looking for a daily pick me up, this is definitely the guilt free way to go. No calories, no crash, just some good old comedy—and comedy from the web, at that! You can subscribe to their daily email here: