Daniel Crespo, a more than familiar name around the campus of FSU, is a DJ who started his career in Tallahassee. He made some of his first solo appearances in clubs that were THE places to be on a Thursday and Friday—Chubbys and 20/20, may they rest in peace. If you were a student circa 2009-today then you would have had the opportunity to watch him grow and create his brand of DJ Crespo. While spinning some of the most popular clubs in Tallahassee, he had the chance to DJ alongside HUGE names like Avicii, Tommy Trash, Steve Aoki and much more. Today, he DJs on main stages at out of this world music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, DAYGLOW, and Spring Weekend. His style blends the lines of genres and creates a “cant sit still” melody that is a certain crowd pleaser. He returns to Tallahassee when he can, and NEVER fails to put on a good show. Crespo is creating a recognizable brand heard around the nation, and it is truly incredible to know that he started in Tally. What are T-Pains qualifications for Tallahassee Hero? To the students of FSU, Crespo may be just that.


We’d like to wish him nothing but a prosperous career and hope to see him back in Tallahassee, soon!


You can check out some of his music here: