Tallahassee Retains Creative Talent

Tallahassee may seem like a revolving door, at times. Students come here for four (or five) years to get their bachelors degrees, and then the vast majority of them move away for grad school or job opportunities. What about those who graduate from Florida State University and get full-time job offers? The advertising industry is hard to break into; even harder in a small town with few well-known agencies. Can you start a successful advertising career in an agency located in Tallahassee? This post will feature two communication students who graduated on May 4th, 2013 and have opted to stay in Tallahassee per full time job offers.

Michael Merali — Assistant Account Manager at ThinkCreative.


Having discovered Advertising during my freshman year at Florida State, I quickly fell in love with account management, or the “business of advertising” as I like to call it. Through The Pod Advertising, where I spent the better part of my junior and senior year, I found myself at ThinkCreative, where I now work as an assistant account manager. When I’m not working, I find myself on the tennis court hitting around with close friends.

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmerali 

Lynzee Jablonka — Community Manager at PeopleOps LLC.


During my time at FSU, I explored every aspect of advertising. Social Media quickly became my passion—I loved the fast paced and forever changing traits it offered. I had my first internship at The Zimmerman Agency. I worked as a junior content coordinator and fell in love. I moved on to Ron Sach’s communication, now known as Sach’s Media Group, and polished my abilities further. I now am a Community Manager at PeopleOps, and could not have asked for a better first choice. It may not be in a grand city, but I have the opportunity to work with immensely talented individuals who value the importance of culture, and encourage me to find my own blueprint— a true startup atmosphere. 

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lynzeejablonka