Hello World!

Welcome to our community. That’s what we are here to become, a community. Made in Tally is from here on out dedicated to business and startups born and bred in the immediate Tallahassee, Florida area. There has been buzz here and there about Tallahassee’s businesses and startup culture, but it seems to waver. What we want to do as an online community is to create a solid ground to stand on for startups and businesses ‘made in tally’. A place where innovators and entrepreneurs alike can showcase their companies in a little different form. We are the end users of these businesses making the content for this page. We aren’t journalists or advertisers. We are everyday business minded individuals looking to grow Tallahassee’s horizons.  

We will do our best to bring to the interweb the happenings of Tallahassee’s latest and greatest, and even on some occasions maybe even not so great. We’ll see. That’s the point though. Whether it’s big or small, new or old. We will strive to be a staple for anyone online in Tallahassee to come and gather information or resources. Maybe even be able to help those interested in joining or becoming a Tallahassee startup or business. You probably won’t be seeing one specific theme or flow to this community but moreover a wide array of content. Input from individuals, relationships being built, and an overall online curation of Tallahassee’s native businesses and startups. 

If you come across our site in the early days and are interested or have anyway of contributing or are affiliated with someone or something along the lines of a Tallahassee startup or business, let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from, meeting, and reaching out to all sorts of people online to bring information to the community. Have something related you want to tell us about or share? Let’s see it.